PURPOSE:  This Greater Clark County Schools Parent/Guardian Survey is a continuing effort to measure parent satisfaction. This data will be utilized to obtain valuable information in determining parents' satisfaction with Greater Clark County Schools.  
INSTRUCTIONS:  Please answer all questions that are applicable to you.  If you do not have an opinion, leave the answer blank.  All information on this form will be kept strictly CONFIDENTIAL.  Thank you for your cooperation.

If you have more than one child attending different schools  
please fill out a survey for each school.


Building Location:





Number of children attending a GCCS school(s).


Number of children attending a private/parochial school(s).


I have a computer in my home.

I have internet access from home.

Do you use PowerSchool to see your child's grades?

Do you pay textbook fees online?

Do you pay for school lunches online?

Do you refer to GCCS website?

My child has the following hand held technology device. (Do not include school issued Chromebook)


The superintendent and central office administrators provide effective leadership in support of my child's school.

The principal at my child's school provides effective leadership.

Administrators address my concerns.

I believe my child is encouraged to do his/her best.

Teachers at my child's school treat my child fairly.

I am provided information about Greater Clark County Schools' programs and services.

My child's school provides regular communication to me on my child's progress.

My child is getting a quality education at this school.

My child will be educationally prepared to go to college or other post secondary education after graduation.

My child is writing more at home and at school than in previous years.

My child is reading more at home than previous years.

Teachers assign my child meaningful homework on a regular basis.  

My child receives individual attention from the teachers to help him/her learn better.

A strong academic program is offered to students at our school.

My students receive weekly feedback regarding their academic performance.

The quality of education at GCCS continues to improve.

I recommend Greater Clark schools to parents over private and parochial schools.

Our school implements a system to regularly track student proficiency throughout the school year.

My child participates on sports teams sponsored by his/her school.

My child participates in clubs or activities (besides sports) sponsored by his/her school.

My child feels safe riding a school bus.

My child feels safe at the bus stop.

My child feels safe walking to and from school.

My child feels safe in the classroom.

My child feels safe in the hallways, cafeteria and restrooms.

My child feels safe outside the building before and after school.

My child feels safe when participating in activities before or after school.

My child's school takes care of unsafe situations when made aware of the situation.

Teachers and administrators supervise students at all time.

How many times per week does your child eat a school breakfast?

How many times per week does your child eat a school lunch?

My child thinks the meals served at his/her school are.

Overall, I would give my child's school a grade of:

Overall, I would give Greater Clark County Schools a grade of:

Please review Policy 2261.01. After review, please provide any additional feedback for parent involvement.